We all face storms in our lives – both big and small. There is no way to avoid them. However, God has a plan for how to walk through those storms and come out better and stronger on the other side. Women are uniquely designed by God to weather storms in incredible ways. Join us as we share with each other how we can not only survive the storms, but come out on the other side giving God the glory for where we have been and where He has brought us.

We start this Thursday, January 15, with our first session where we will be looking at what the Bible says about weathering the storms of life. We know that when we are in a storm it’s easy to listen to and believe all kinds of lies about our situation. We also know that the most powerful tool we have is the truth. We want to share with each other what that Biblical truth is about how to walk through tough times. There will be teaching, but there will be lots of discussion among participants too!

The second week, January 22, we are going to talk about practical things to do when walking through a storm. It’s easy to get focused on the storm and not what next step to take. We know you will have some great ideas to share with each other.

The third week will be a panel discussion made up of women who have weathered some big and small storms. We have some amazing women who have agreed to share a bit of their story and a lot of how God showed up for them. You will have an opportunity during the first two weeks to submit anonymous questions for this panel as well as ask anything that night. We know this is going to be an exciting time.

Mixed in all of this we will have worship at the beginning of the first night and end of the last night. We want to have plenty of fellowship time as well and make it a priority to honor the time of all of the women. So come ready and comfortable to laugh, cry, share, love and be loved on. It’s not too late to register.

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Amy Fisher