For the past several years we (Cornerstone College leaders) have struggled to find ways to include our college students in our yearly Christmas offerings with the Food Drop and Food Stocks, given their timing relative to students leaving for Christmas Break. This year we decided we should try something before they left for the Break, and on Sunday, December 7, the First Annual Renewal Medical Clinic Frisbee Golf Tournament was the outcome.

IMG_5528For the past several months, myself and our team of interns mapped out, cleared out, and finished building an 18 “hole” frisbee golf course on our property at Hamilton Road, and I must say I am incredibly pleased with how it all turned out. For the Tournament, each student that played, along with a few families from the church, paid a $20 entry fee, with all of the money raised going toward our Conspire:Uganda efforts to raise $25,000 for the nurse’s salary and medical supplies. We had an incredible time of fellowship and tossing a frisbee around, and our students were honored to be a part of Cornerstone’s mission.

IMG_5529We hope to hold the tournament for years to come, but in the meantime, please feel free to enjoy the course with family or friends. Scorecards, which include a map of the course, as well as frisbees, can be found on the southeast corner of the building under Rusty’s office window. Please be respectful of our neighbors though as you play, and have fun together on the incredible property with which the Lord has blessed Cornerstone Church.

Lee Cadden
College Pastor