This past Sunday we did something great! We came together as one unified church to cause a miracle for people halfway across the world. It was a beautiful moment watching our children and adults bring their gifts forward to support the construction of a medical clinic in Buloba, Uganda.

This clinic will be a source of physical healing for many in that community. I also know that because the church is running the clinic, many people will find spiritual healing as well. This is a gift of love that will keep giving to the people of Buloba for a very long time!

Once again, thank you so much for opening your heart in an extraordinary way toward our friends in Uganda. I have heard the following said by several people over the last couple of days, “This is so Cornerstone!”. Meaning this is the way the people of Cornerstone respond when God is calling. As the senior leader I couldn’t be more proud!

I realize the big question on everybody’s mind is “How much did we raise??” Well, I’ll tell you this…YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SUNDAY FOR THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!