We need your help! Well, actually the foster families and foster kids in Lee County and surrounding counties need your help. On Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of this week, Cornerstone is hosting BigHouse Santa’s Workshop in our worship space at the Hamilton Road site.

For two days, one for set up and one for shopping, our worship space will be transformed in to a shopping center for foster kids to “purchase” donated gifts for their foster families. The goal is to help foster kids discover the joy of giving and allow them the autonomy to choose gifts for those in their family. There will also be a section for foster parents to do the same for their foster children.

So here is what we need you to do. Sign up to volunteer for either Friday to help set up or Saturday to help with the foster kids. Shifts are only a few hours long, and honestly it is so much fun the time goes by fast. It is easy to do and the impact you will have on these families is immeasurable.

If you can’t get by to volunteer, then drop off some Christmas refreshments for the shoppers and volunteers on either day.

If your still not sure you want to help, watch this video.

Ready to sign up? You can do it here.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations