As we gathered to worship last Thursday night, one of the ideas we discussed was “Blessed to Be a Blessing,” a purposeful strategy God uses with Abraham to bless all nations. Abraham and his family became a conduit of God’s love to everyone they encountered. They were not blessed so they could cling to the blessings of God and keep them all to themselves. They were blessed to give it all away. And they were blessed abundantly in so many ways. It was more than finances. It was the understanding that God was making them a family and calling them His own.

We’re in a season now where we’re intentionally thankful for all that we have in our lives, the blessings of family, friends, home, life, the gift of Christ coming into the world. Like Abraham and his family, God has also blessed us by calling us His own. And in the same way God wants to use us, His people, to bless the world. He doesn’t want us to cling to all that we have been given, but to give it away for the sake of seeing others come to know Him and His love in the same way that we have.

AC_web1During Advent this year, you’ll see a lot of language about “conspiracy” – Advent Conspiracy.  We want to work together to shake up the normal holiday craziness that our culture has created and flip it on its head. We’re conspiring for a medical clinic in Buloba, Uganda. You’ve heard quite a bit about that. We also want to conspire for an overflow of blessing to our own community through giving ourselves away this season, practicing intentionally through Advent what we want to be a normal way of life.

We can easily use the acronym B.L.E.S.S. to help us everyday think of ways to bless a family member, co-worker, or neighbor.

  • Begin with prayer every day. Ask God to give you eyes to see people who need a word of encouragement, or to be invited over for a meal, or anything really. Ask him to help you find ways to bless someone.
  • Listen to the people you work with, or your family member, or your neighbors as you’re in conversation. Listen intentionally. They’re communicating their needs to you as they share about a difficult day or something they’re struggling with.
  • Eat with people you might not normally eat with. Some of Jesus’ greatest miracles and events happen around food or a feast. We all eat about 21 times a week. You’re going to be eating anyway, use the time cook or buy a meal for someone and open your home or your heart to let them share about what’s happening in their life.
  • Serve someone. As you listen and eat with people and they share about their life. They might share a need that God has equipped you to meet. We have a whole list of ideas here if you need some help sparking an idea.
  • Story. As you serve people look for places where you can share your story and the story of Jesus. We all know what Christmas is about. It’s on people’s minds even if in a small way. Share the story of the good news of Jesus coming and what He’s done to redeem the world.

You’ve been blessed. Bless others.

Rusty Hutson and Brian Johnson