EQUIP-Finances1This past Thursday night we wrapped up three weeks of Equip: Finances. I feel confident in saying that everyone left the last night knowing more about our finances and what the Bible has to say about spending money.

Lon Simpson, who is a financial advisor with Simpson and Oks Financial, led the three sessions. He brought a deep knowledge of finances and his love for Cornerstone with him to teach the sessions. Lon is also on our Finance Team here at Cornerstone.

IMG_0128Molly Morrissey wrapped up the last night by sharing a little of her story over the past few years. Molly and her husband, Bo, had moved into their dream home a few years ago – she called it their forever home. The place they planned on growing old. God had a different plan for them, and after being obedient to His call, they sold their forever home and moved to something that allowed them more financial margin.

Their story is a great reminder of how God doesn’t need our money. God cares about what is in our hearts, and He sees past all the outside show. For Molly and Bo it was a matter of being obedient to what God called them to do.

We are planning more Equip sessions for the early part of next year. Look for more information in the Connect Card and e-newsletter as we roll in to January.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations