As you watch that video, it’s easy to hear from a student and two professors the very practical need for a medical clinic right in the heart of Buloba. You can also hear a very painful story about the loss of a young daughter by one family in the community and how a well-supplied and knowledgeable staff could have made a significant difference.

When you hear that it might cost $2-3 dollars to get transportation in the middle of the night to reach adequate healthcare, it doesn’t seem like a great amount. But for many families in Buloba, those numbers cause great anxiety about how they will afford the fare.

In the context of the developing world where few have medical insurance and even fewer plan for medical emergencies, a crisis in health can send a family into financial ruin. For most the question is not “Which health centre provides the best care?” but rather the question is “Which health centre is nearest so we don’t have the additional expense of transport?”

This Christmas we have the opportunity to give financially in support of launching a medical facility on the campus of one of our primary international partners, Africa Renewal University (ARU). This clinic will be available to students, staff and community members at all hours of the day. It will be staffed by qualified health professionals and stocked with the necessary supplies to meet the medical needs of Buloba.

At Cornerstone, we want to raise the initial $25,000 to help launch this medical clinic in the early part of 2015, which is approximately 10% of the entire project cost. If we’re able to achieve this number, ARU will hire a nurse and be able to fully stock their clinic. Anything above this number and ARU will be able to break ground on Phase One of the entire project. We hope to be able to show some 3-D renderings of the full clinic in the coming weeks, but below is a quick view of the current drawings from the architect, as well as full cost of each phase.

Cost: $92,400

Summary: Phase One will get the Renewal Health Centre up and running. The Health Centre will include two exam rooms, labor room, laboratory, pharmacy, doctor’s office, reception and toilet facilities. With these facilities in place we will be able to treat the staff and students of Africa Renewal University, the children of the Buloba Child Sponsorship Project and members of the community in Buloba.
Cost: $124,080


Summary: Phase Two will add a sick ward to our clinic, equipped with a male and female ward with 6 beds each, as well as additional toilet and shower facilities.

Cost: $36,300

Summary: Phase Three will add a Community Health Room where Health Centre staff, ARU Faculty and visiting medical professionals can teach health seminars to improve the standard of health and sanitation within the community. It will also help with large-scale immunization and evangelistic health outreaches to the community.

For more information on how you can be a part of this project, click here.

Brian Johnson
Site Pastor, Bred Pub site