Your support of the Renewal Health Clinic will play a key role in the advancement of the gospel in the community of Buloba. This Christmas, at Cornerstone, we want to raise the initial $25,000 to help launch this medical clinic in the early part of 2015. Let’s pray now towards that goal and how each of us can be a part of bringing quality health care to this community as we know that’s one important piece of seeing the kingdom come to Buloba, Uganda. Your opportunity to give towards this project will begin November 30th and run through December 31st. Watch the above video and read below for more information about the Renewal Health Center.

Brian Johnson
Site Pastor, Bred Pub Site

Africa Renewal University is planning to build a Health Centre to serve the students and staff of ARU, the children of the ARM Buloba Sponsorship Project and the community of Buloba. This is a project that is outlined in our Campus 2024 Campaign ( and we have moved it from Phase Three to Phase One due to the urgent need for quality medical care in Buloba.

In the context of the developing world where few have medical insurance and even fewer plan for medical emergencies, a crisis in health can send a family into financial ruin. For most the question is not “Which health centre provides the best care?” but rather the question is “which health centre is nearest so we don’t have the additional expense of transport?”

Buloba, Uganda is 8.7 miles from Kampala. The majority of the community members in Buloba are without a family vehicle or means of transport. When family members get sick they are dependent on public transportation, which is near impossible to find in the middle of the night. A round trip to Kampala for treatment costs $2-3 dollars per person during the day but transport at night is difficult to find which for most will keep them housebound and waiting until the following morning to seek treatment. For young children, expectant mothers and the elderly waiting until the morning will be too late leading to the unnecessary loss of life from treatable disease such as Malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea.

For others the true cost of attending local clinics is not in the fees for service but in the absence of qualified nursing staff and true diagnostic equipment. Most local clinics simply treat all fevers for malaria and hope for the best if the patient is sick with anything else.

The Renewal Health Centre will provide quality medical care and proper diagnostics to the students of Africa Renewal University, the children of the Buloba Child Development Project and the members of the Buloba community. The Renewal Health Centre will be equipped with a working lab for proper patient diagnosis and overnight facilities for patients in need of supervised medical care. The Health Centre will provide: immunization programs, family planning and infection prevention and control. The Health Centre will also provide room for labor and deliver to increase the chances for newborn survival for members of the community.

In the context of the university we will also be able to provide Community Health Seminars to improve the standard of living for the community, which is also a wide open door for sharing the hope of the Gospel as we care for the physical needs of the community.

The cost of building the Renewal Health Centre is $225,000 for the building and $25,000 for the initial equipment and supplies. Once the clinic is set up the university is equipped to sustain the clinic without any additional outside operational support. Each student pays a medical fee at the outset of each term and the 300 children of the ARM Child Development Project will receive care as part of their child sponsorship. With our community health outreaches and immunization projects we will also have the commitment from the community to see the Renewal Health Clinic as their #1 choice for all their medical needs.

We plan to begin by hiring staff and purchasing the clinic equipment in January so we can begin offering services on February 1, 2015. An existing room on campus will be used until the Health Centre construction is complete. Construction for the clinic will begin when 50% of the funds are raised and the construction can be completed within 6 months of ground breaking.

Once the clinic is up and running ARU students in Community Health will have opportunity to intern at the clinic to survey the health needs of the community so we can provide practical trainings for specific health needs in the community. ARU Social Work students will have internship opportunities to follow up clients within the community to ensure that prevention measures are being practiced in the home and ARU Theology students are will be ready to share with each patient the hope of the Gospel in the midst of pain and suffering.

Jeff Atherstone
President/Vice Chancellor Africa Renewal University