Sonya and I are very fortunate to have made Cornerstone our church home after moving to Auburn. We truly have a sense of ‘belonging’, as we have come to know and love the many great workers, and works, within this church body!

I have learned that a great way to meet others, and to get ‘engaged’ in Christ’s work, is to actually respond to the Spirit’s ‘nudging’. One of the first informational meetings I attended at Cornerstone was about upcoming Uganda trips, and especially one concerning agricultural missions. Well, here it comes, that gentle nudge – “Go for it! Check this out and NOW!” So being in food production I thought I could at least look into it. The bottom line is that I did end up going on this mission trip and have been so blessed because of it! I learned about the many good works that we have ongoing in Uganda, but I am especially grateful to have met some great Cornerstone members that I remain very close to! God’s designs take interesting turns, don’t they!

Ray in NicaAbout seven years ago while living in Georgia, I had another gentle nudge – about joining a small team with Kosmos Ministries to work within impoverished “barrio’s” near Managua, Nicaragua. Founded by a young, caring, newly-wed couple (Matt and Ashley), without any affiliation to a church or other entity, Kosmos simply helps a local service-minded church body to be the hands and feet of Christ. I’ve got to tell you – to see a materially poor body give from their lack of wealth to serve their very impoverished neighbors is AMAZING! This is an outreach of serving the poor, the widow, and loving our neighbor – I was hooked! Nearly two years passed and I did not miss any of the return trips, so now you might say that I have family there.

Recently Matt and Ashley asked me to become the Executive Director for Kosmos Ministries, and you guessed it – I accepted! Our goal is to continue to be enablers. We want to ensure that the Christ Our Rock Church of Tipitapa, Nicaragua, can continue to serve the very poor, to encourage and give training to the pastor of a church that meets under a rusty tin roof shed proclaiming the Good News, to help give 60 children a nourishing meal once weekly, and to simply keep on serving as they are currently serving!

On Dececember 10th, a small group of us will travel to Nicaragua to present the Christmas message, and Christmas gifts, to the children of extreme impoverished communities. Basically it is only the mothers left to raise their children in tin and black plastic shacks with dirt floors and no running water. It will be truly heart-wrenching to interact with them as Christ’s message of love and hope is shared during this grandest of all seasons! Perhaps some of our Cornerstone family would like to join – with a direct flight option, we are typically ‘on the ground’ as soon as three hours or so after departing Atlanta. We stay at the pastor’s house, a 20 minute ride from the airport, so we really do enjoy the local ‘flavors’ concerning food, traditions, worship, etc. Costs average $400 plus airfare.
Contact me, Ray Abner, if you, your family, or others you may know have an interest in the December trip, or upcoming opportunities with Kosmos. I can be reached at 334-462-6112, or

Ray Abner