Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.21.09 PMDuring my first visit to African Renewal University, I’ve had the opportunity to sit and observe a few of the classes being taught at the school. I’ve been so impressed by the interaction between the teachers and the students; how every class has a sense of joy about it. One of the commonly used phrases by the staff when addressing the students is “Are We Together?” Beyond a need to make sure the students understand what is being taught, I think there is more to this phrase than we might think.

ugandaHere at ARU there is a great sense of community. It is being fostered between the students and their teachers as well as between the school and the community that surrounds the campus. Christ showed us in his life how important community is, both in the way he lived life and developed relationships with his disciples and in how he took his message to the people where they lived and worked. That sense of togetherness and living life as one body is clearly evident here at ARU.

So I sit and think about this phrase – Are We Together? I can’t help but think of the commonalities between the school and the work we are doing at Cornerstone to build and develop relationships and a sense of community. I can see why this place is so worthy of our support, and I feel confident in saying, “Yes, ARU, We Are Together.”

Nic Cofield