AC-WEbCONSPIRELCWe encourage you to find ways to bless your neighbors this Christmas. Rather than a big food drive or other mission project, we challenge you to find your own project that you can do as an individual or family. It can be as simple as having your neighbor over to dinner or making christmas cards. See the below list of suggestions for ideas!

No Food Stock? That’s right, are not hosting a community event such as Food Stock this year, however you can still give to the Food Bank of East Alabama!


Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru.

Go to the grocery store and purchase food to donate to the Food Bank.

Clean up garbage in the park.

Make christmas cards and cookies for neighbors.

Fill a shoebox for Operation christmas child.

Clean out a closet and donate extra clothes to a shelter.

Make Christmas cards or goodie bags and give to random people.

Serve in a soup kitchen or the Food Bank.

Write letters of thanks to teachers or leaders.

Everywhere you go today, bless others with words of kindness.

Babysit for free so a mom can have some time to herself.

Surprise Rake leaves for a friend or neighbor.

Invite a friend, family, neighbor, or stranger to dinner.

Create art or baked goods as gift to someone else.

Write letters to sponsor children in Buloba.

Random phone calls of kindness to family.

Make a meal for someone else.

Make gifts for postman/garbage men.

Visit a nursing home.

Have a hot chocolate stand and donate the proceeds to the Mission Clinic in Uganda.

Deliver  treats to community service workers (fire station, police dept., library, etc).  Take time for random acts of kindness.