It’s good to be back in Uganda! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be back in this place and to bring my good friends along for the journey. You’ll see a number of posts and updates from our team over the next several days, but let me start with just an introduction to who we are and what we’re about.

As many of you know, Cornerstone Church has been investing in the community of Buloba, Uganda, for about the last eight years. Up to now this investment has mainly been targeted towards Buloba Community Church and the Child Sponsorship Program of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM). Through ARM, the people of Cornerstone sponsor over 300 children in the Buloba community, allowing them to go to school, have a uniform, a meal each day, and medical care. These sponsorships bring a tremendous amount of hope to these children, their families, and the greater Buloba community.

But the latest development in our story with Buloba has been a relationship that has emerged with Africa Renewal University, a four-year accredited institution that moved into the Buloba community about three years ago. In the last year they have graciously hosted several of our teams from Cornerstone Church and provided us a place to stay locally in Buloba. Then earlier this year came the invitation to lead their annual Spiritual Renewal Retreat for students on the campus.

So three days ago Merrill Hammett, Nic Cofield, John Sweatman, and myself ventured out together for this purpose. While this is an incredible opportunity to join ARU in investing in these future leaders of Uganda – I think we would all agree that it is an even greater opportunity for us to learn from these amazing young people of faith.

Much more to come about our journey from the rest of the team. Thank you for your many prayers and support.

Josh Agerton
Site Pastor, Lee-Scott Site