I read a lot, a whole lot. Actually I don’t so much read as I listen to audio recordings while I run. I just finished one of the better books I’ve listened to in a long time, Bill Hybels new book Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul.

Bill Hybels is the lead Pastor at Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area; they are a multisite church. He has written or contributed to almost 200 books with titles like Authenticity: Being Honest with God and Others, Commitment: Developing Deeper Devotion to Christ and Too Busy Not to Pray. When Rusty and the Cornerstone leadership were building the Cornerstone culture back in 2000, they made a trip to Willow Creek to learn from Bill Hybels.

Simplify, more than any of the books I have read by Hybels, really draws from his wisdom and experiences from life. At 63 years of age he has reached a point in his life where he can speak with authority on helping the reader take a hard look at their life choices.

The most concise way to communicate the content is to simply list the chapters:

  • From exhausted to energized
  • From overwhelmed to in control
  • From restless to fulfilled
  • From wounded to whole
  • From anxious to peaceful
  • From isolated to connected
  • From drifting to focused
  • From stuck to moving on
  • From meaningless to satisfied

Hybels walks through each of the challenges most Christians and generally, most people have as they live their life. He puts a Kingdom perspective on why living your life cluttered with these ten challenges is not God honoring. He then goes on to offer an opposing way to live that places living your life like Jesus at the front of your choices.

I found it to be a book that will require that I buy the Kindle version and read it again. I do that with books that I want to dig into deeper and really study. Highlighting and taking notes is a little hard while I’m running.

I really recommend this book if your life is overwhelming (and whose isn’t to some degree). It’s not a magic pill that will automatically change how you live and bring peace to your schedule. What Hybels does through Simplify is give you strategy based in scripture to address ten common challenges most of us face. How you apply these strategies and to what degree it changes your life is up to you.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations