15257287716_4550e2ffb6_mCornerstone had the privilege this past week to host the Catapult Conference, “a missional leadership gathering of those who desire to recapture old truths in new ways.” As we prepared for sessions and breakouts, we knew we would have the opportunity to hear not just from theorists on what it means to live out the way of the Kingdom, but from practitioners who have embodied the way of Jesus from South Florida, to Kansas City, to Los Angeles, to Sydney, Australia. Some moments we were crying as we listened to how the good news of the gospel rescued one person out of gangs and poverty. Some moments we were laughing as we listened to a story of a missionary in India (you had to be there for that one). At all points, my mind was racing as I was thinking about how to assimilate into my life the thoughts these men and women were sharing about what God had done in their lives.

15265536121_1c99eae8ca_mAs I process this week, however, and talked with a few friends, I’m walking away with an encouraging thought. In the Auburn/Opelika area, we’re on a good trajectory. We’re having conversations in our homes and in coffee shops and restaurants about the very concepts these missional leaders were talking about. Ideas about being sent into the world instead of asking everyone to come to a building. Ideas about reproducing and multiplying. Ideas about being intentional about loving our actual neighbors and knowing their names and what their hopes and dreams are and being able to share with them the good news that the Kingdom of God is breaking in for them. We’re all on a journey. We don’t arrive at say, “Look, we’ve accomplished all that God had for us.” We don’t do that till he comes again. But it’s great to sit and know, we’ve made steps in a direction that presses this great news about Jesus outside of the four walls and into our community.

Brian Johnson
Site Pastor, Bred Pub Site

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