image-4Our first day at Buloba Church we found children writing letters to their sponsors. Only God could arrange to have Dorothy, the child I sponsor, present writing a letter to me. I was overjoyed to see her. While school is out for Holiday, the children still come to church to write letters. Anyone that has visited here will tell you that the children will approach asking if we know their sponsor wanting to hear about them, and this visit was no different.

This trip we have been going out in the community visiting homes to ask questions about how they feel about their community. Families that have sponsor children are so grateful and will let us know about the child that is sponsored.

When you sponsor a child you are investing in that child as well as their family and the community. Sponsoring a child is a life changing gift to them. Your gift provides a nutritious meal everyday, an education and most importantly their spiritual needs are met. What a priceless gift is the gift of God!

Lisa Randall