ugandaThe Lord showed up in a BIG way today! Our team came over here to gather information about the needs of the people of Buloba. We will be going house to house asking questions that will help determine future community projects. Yesterday during a visit to Buloba Community Church, we were asked to come speak at a small women’s conference this morning. We had little time and no plan. As the women of all ages and a baby or three streamed in from the village, we started with song. Voices blended together, verses alternating between Ugandan and English- a hallelujah chorus! Lisa shared from the heart about the joys and struggles of raising her grandson. I (Joanne) told of the Lord’s goodness in the amazing healing he has done in my life. As we watched tears streaming down faces, we knew that there is no language barrier between the hearts of women everywhere. Then the nurses took the floor. Jana and I (Jeanne), our mom and daughter duo, facilitated a discussion on women’s health. Many questions were answered which was important. What was really precious though was that Ugandan women supporting one another from their own life experiences. Esther 4:14 speaks of her coming to her royal position “for such a time as this.” Today our little team of five felt that we came to Buloba “for such a time as this.”

Jeanne Tuley
Joanne LaBoda