The first time I heard this story about Ken’s small group experience there was one word he said that jumped out to me. It was when he used the word “family” to describe his small group. To be honest with you, I did a little fist pump in my heart when I heard him say that. And the reason is because that word captures exactly what we want people to experience in a small group at Cornerstone…a sense of belonging to a family.

But while we desire to celebrate and draw people into a small group family we also recognize that the vision is not just to exist as a family for ourselves or just for the sake of being a family. Rather, the vision of our small groups is to be a family that is on mission together with God, joining him in his work of redeeming the world. In short…a family on mission.

The “How?” of this for our small groups is by simply joining Jesus in the three loves of his life that we see in Scripture, the first being his love of the Father. Jesus was in constant contact with the Father and saw this very personal and intimate relationship as the source of all fruitfulness in his ministry. The second love we see is Jesus’ love for the community of believers. He was constantly sharing, serving and giving his life away to his disciples, their families and their network of relationships. And the third love Jesus modeled for us was his love for the broken world. He never lost sight of the Father’s vision to reach those who were broken and lost. So here’s an easy way to remember these three loves that our small groups are all about…
UP – love for the Father.
IN – love for the community of believers.
OUT – love for the broken and lost.

So if you’re part of a small group right now at Cornerstone – be encouraged and keep pressing into this vision of being a family on mission with God. And if you’re looking to become a part of a small group family just check out our Small Groups page or connect with one of our leaders at the welcome desk at one of our Sunday worship gatherings at the Lee-Scott or Hamilton Road sites.

Josh Agerton
Site Pastor, Lee-Scott site