So many times when you read the mission blog you find out what the team had for breakfast or the daily activities. Often you read about how moving it is to finally meet your sponsor child you have prayed for over the years or experiencing worship in a wonderful new way. But I don’t think anyone ever talks about leaving – the act of walking away from your warm cushy home where you are safe and loved, as an act of obedience to the Lord. Do not get me wrong, you are going to hear these things from my team too. But at this moment I’m sitting on what seems to be the one zillionth hour of travel and am overwhelmed with emotions of leaving and the anticipation of going back to this country that stole a piece of my heart a year ago.

I know with all my heart that God has prepared me for this journey. He has prepared me physically, financially and spiritually. This is my second time going, and I already know how amazingly and overwhelmingly awesome Uganda will be. However much prepared I think I am, He allows me to feel so emotionally raw and opened to the emotions of going. Getting to experience my 8 year old praying for me “please let my mommy come home safe.” Or having my 5 year old give me all the change from her piggy bank for this trip (all .87 cents). Or having your amazing security blanket of a husband look at me and say that he is proud and he’s got the home thing taken care of so go do good things for our God! To have my best sister friend pray and read scripture so I could hear God’s word sung over me. To be called up in front of the church and have my church family pray over this trip.

I know I will never forget.

Jana Womack