A few people have asked me to send them the lessons from my sabbatical I preached on a couple of Sundays ago. So I thought I would share them here as well.

1. “Hurry” and “Worry” often go together and are the enemy of the peace of God. – I spent the first week of my sabbatical running around trying to get things done in preparation for the rest of my sabbatical. It was as if I were making “work” out of my sabbatical rest. I finally stopped at one point and thought to myself, “what am I in such hurry about????” “I’ve got 4 weeks to do whatever”. “Calm down!” Jesus said, “Peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled neither let them be afraid.”

2. Really listening is not natural. – During my time in Kentucky I spent a lot of time by myself – which is very unusual for me. Normally I’m talking to people non-stop. It was strange! At times I would start conversations with people just to talk. They have to go or stop talking, and I find a way to keep it going. But, after a while I began to hear God speak to me in clear ways. Really listening takes time and intentionality.

3. Friends are a blessing to be cherished. – I spent time with a few friends who blessed me, and it humbled me so much. I’m reminded how good it is to have good friends and be a good friend. Jesus even called his disciples “friend”. He highly valued the relationship found among friends.

IMG_13604. God is clearly seen and known through His creation. – The same sun that sets on Grand Tetons is the one setting over waters of the Gulf is the same one setting over Lake Victoria, Uganda. He is the one true God and creator of all. He is everywhere all the time and always present in our lives. He is full of goodness.

5. There’s No place like Home. – “Dorothy” in Wizard of Oz said “there’s no place like home”. Home is where your people are. The munchkins were not Dorothy’s people. Home is where you’re known. It’s where community is. While the time away was great, it was good to come home.

6. Rest is essential to an abundant life. – God created Adam and Eve on the 6th day. While they were made to work, their first day was spent resting as God rested. They then worked out of their rest. It is a pattern that was established for us by God. It’s only after we abide and rest that we then become fruitful.

We are a blessing to God, and he wants (and knows) what’s best for our life.

See you soon,

Rusty Hutson
Senior Pastor