radiusCornerstone Youth continued their journey through the summer this week at Radius Mission Camp right here in our own community. Our theme this summer is “It’s Not About Me,” and Cornerstone Youth have truly lived that theme out. You can see for yourself from these statements from some of our Middle School and Junior High Youth.

“This is my second year coming to Radius Camp. These past 2 years I’ve experienced so much. I have not only had fun, but I’ve been taught so many valuable life lessons. I’ve learned to be thankful for what I have and to never lose sight in what is really important. This year God has opened my eyes and my heart to tons of new things. I also appreciate the leaders (Maggie McCollum, Kirby Brown, Codairious Finley, and Ginny Hand) who have helped me shape my relationship with God.” – Connor Ryals

“My experience at Radius Camp has been amazing. I have learned to enjoy helping others in need. I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when someone serves them. I also love Radius because I am drawn closer to God. Radius has helped me on my walk with Jesus Christ.” – Libby Hume

IMG_1542“This week has meant so much to me. God has given us a huge blessing to be able to serve people in the Auburn/Opelika area. God has shown His love through a volunteer we met at Harvest Thrift Store. She told us her story and where she lives (the Hosanna Home). All of the money she earns goes to the home. God has pulled me back into His Word and really spoken to me. I’m very thankful for everything that God has provided for everyone at Radius Camp this week.” – Natalie Meinert

As you can tell, God is at work in our community. I am grateful that Cornerstone Youth was able to join God this week, and grateful for Ginny Hand (team leader), Kirby Brown, Maggie McCollum and Codairious Finley for leading our Middle School/Junior High Radius Mission Camp team!

Pat Bethea
Youth Pastor

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