Uganda day 5: Although our bodies are beginning to give out, our passion for the game is only increasing. We started off the day by getting some breakfast and taking a forty five minute drive to a Buloba primary school where we got the chance to hang out and just kick the ball around with a lot of younger kids. Seeing them so happy to see us and welcoming us was amazing. Each and every one of them had a smile on their face when we waved or said hello.

From there we went back to the university for lunch (during which Bo was beaten in checkers and draft). We played a game of Ludo to pass the time before our game. When we walked to the field, kids from the primary school we had visited earlier were waiting for us. We played some small sided futbol games and games of keep away. When the younger kids left, the older and extremely athletic students arrived. We won our first game of volleyball, but ultimately lost three games to one. Then the real match began. The team played very well together today passing the ball and moving and communicating. The first goal was an easy tap in by our Ugandan teammate Jonah, with a breathtaking assist by our very own Bram Duke. It took a while for them to break down our rock solid defense, but eventually they tied the game up. The game went back and forth with both keepers making good saves. We took the lead through a fantastic run by Bram down the right side and a volleyed finish by Weim Time into the top right corner. Again, the other team had some fantastic striker play to tie the game up once more. With only 10 minutes remaining, and a huge desire to get our first W in Uganda, our other Ugandan teammate, Vincent, played Weim Time a fantastic through ball to give Weimer a chipped goal with the outside of his right into the top right corner once again. The game ended in a 3-2 W for us. We showed our new friends some tactics for their team, prayed for them, said our goodbyes, and hit the road. This day was just awesome!

Justin Weimer