Day 4 was an absolute blast. We started it off with the usual breakfast at Patrick’s (toast, eggs, jam, pb, shortbread, bananas and the oh so delicious pineapple). Then, we left to see the Africa Renewal University in Buloba. The drive over there was a thrill as Jack, our fearless driver, weaved in between vehicles and people of all sorts in the busy streets of downtown Kampala. We arrived at the University and had a break for tea and a little food before starting our tour.

The University has grown a ton since Bo and Jordan visited in 2011. The vision of the University staff is incredible and is being realized quickly. They are building new dorms and classrooms to hold a thousand students in the near future as well as a Olympic sized soccer field for them to use. The school was also impressively sustainable with the use of composting, farming, rain irrigation systems and solar power. After the tour we had to go to a university class, no more summer for us. Alice, the teacher, educated us on Health issues in East Africa that are at large today.

After that we got to do what we all were waiting for, competing against the university team in volleyball and soccer. These guys were no joke, they were all fast, strong and skilled in both sports. We lost all three games of volleyball even with the valiant efforts of Bo, the volleyball legend. Soccer was much closer though. We played well all game but came out with a loss. They scored two goals quick and we were only able to battle back with one of our own. Several of us got tattooed by some hard tackles including me. Their giant center defender yomped my leg and left a gnarly bruise.

We then hopped in the car to head back to Patrick’s, but this time through the worst of traffic. The experience rivals only that of a high speed chase in Grand theft auto due to the amount of action and activity on the streets. We knocked over a boda boda, African motorcycles that carry everything from pipes to pigs, on the way home but everyone was all good. Finally, back at Patrick’s, we sat down and played an intense game of Settlers of Catan, our squads board game of choice. We are all eager to rematch the university’s team tomorrow.

Bram Duke