So for day 2 in Uganda, we were tasked with getting to know the stories of these young men that we play against at Gaba High School. But before then, we went on a hike outside Patrick’s house with Mark as our guide. Mark stays with Patrick and helps out around the house. He is currently studying IT in University, and Patrick mentors him and treats him as one of his own – imagine a Paul and Timothy relationship.

Anyway, we walked down the road to see Lake Victoria and see more of the sights and sounds of Kampala. We had a nice peaceful time getting to know Mark and hear his story.

Afterwords, Jack, another of the men that Patrick mentors, took us to lunch at the food court in the mall downtown. This was most of the team’s first real experience with driving in Uganda. The way traffic works here was eye opening for some to say the least.

When we got to the food court, to our amazement, 9 different restaurant waiters followed us to our table and proceeded to hold their menus in our faces to compete for our food orders. Jack had a pretty good laugh at us, since we were never warned as to what was happening. All of us had “deer in the headlights” looks on our faces and just tried to find something we recognized on the first menu that was put in our face. Truly a funny moment that I wish we had on tape.

After lunch, we returned to Gaba High for some more soccer games with our Ugandan Brothers. We played all afternoon, enjoying the beautiful game on the banks of Lake Victoria. During this time we learned some of the stories of the high schoolers we shared the pitch with.

There was King, an 18 year old finishing his last year of school before University. He was nervous about his final testing next week, as he wishes to go to university and study industrial design. Then there was Wesley, who played through mud better than anyone. He was also in his last year of school and will be looking to find a job in Kampala next year. He was very outgoing and enjoyed talking about Ugandan culture and politics, and of course football. And last there was Dallas, from Detroit. Jk. Last was Moses, who was a little younger and more soft spoken. He enjoyed playing footy with us and was constantly smiling the whole time we played.

Sadly we lost again today 5-4, despite a supreme effort from both team leader, Bo Morrisey, and our guest goalkeeper, Patrick. But I think everyone here can see God using a simple game to break down borders for us to hear more and more of our Ugandan brothers’ stories; stories that unite us and teach us what Our Father is doing in Uganda. Praise Him for His bride in Gaba!

Jordan Ross