Deanna Franey (center in photo) has been a valuable part of our staff team at Cornerstone for over six years. She has been the Director of Foundations, Cornerstone’s Preschool program, almost the whole time, and after more than 30 years in education she is retiring.

Foundations began almost eight years ago as a summer mother’s morning out program. There were three directors before Deanna, and it wasn’t until Deanna took the lead that Foundations really bloomed.  She took the curriculum to a new level, hired talented teachers and welcomed the community. There were many seasonal activities focused on events like Easter, Christmas and even fall football. Visits from groups like Aubie, The Raptor Center and the Auburn Fire Department have highlighted her time at Foundations.

While Deanna is retiring, I don’t really see her hanging out in a rocking chair. Deanna has two daughters and between them she has three grand-kids, all boys, and a granddaughter on the way.  She is married to a great guy, Richard, who is pretty active himself, so I’m sure their life will just be shifting focus a little rather than slowing down.

Deanna has left Foundations in a great place. The teaching team is the best ever, and they will be led by Amy Baxter, a long time member of Cornerstone and also a former Foundations teacher. Deanna and Amy have worked hard over the last few months to make the transition smooth so the children and parents will have a seamless transition when school starts back in the fall.

Thank you Deanna for sharing your heart and your passion for children with the families and staff of Foundations and Cornerstone. You will be greatly missed.

Jack Fisher, Director of Operations