photo (3)Today was another wonderful day serving the students and staff at Ebenezer Primary School. We woke up, ate the usual breakfast, and headed off. Assisting the teachers becomes easier each day. We have been assigned to the same teacher/ class for the whole week, so we get to learn the student’s names, the particular subjects they are learning, and the teaching style of the class. When we got to the school, the students were having PE. They were playing a game called, “Cross the River.” It involved the students walking across a stick and seeing who could make it the whole way. The whole school was out there cheering on each student! Seeing the camaraderie was amazing.

image-1After lunch, we took a class on Public Health presented by Alice Ladur. The class was very informative on looking at the diseases in the communities and how to prevent them. Our teacher had spent many years out in the rural communities doing health education and health services.

After class, we were able to go out to a nearby shopping area to buy some snacks, treats for our teacher appreciation class tomorrow, and some school supplies that were needed. Some teachers from the school (JJ from California and Jamie from Australia) gave us rides and escorted us around the shopping area. Some of us wanted to ride on Bota botas (little motorcycles), but they said it was too far (and Beth said No)!

image-2After we returned with our yummy snacks, we had a competition to see who could sharpen the most pencils the fastest! We had bought almost 200 pencils, and it made the mission a lot more fun. Mac won the competition and earned some chocolate. Libbi earned the “quality” not “quantity” award and wanted extra cabbage at dinner.

Many families at the schools had been sending fruit and vegetables home with us as a thank you. Brandy, with the help of Peace, made yummy guacamole for us to eat as a part of our dinner. Everyone here is so welcoming, and it truly feels like extended family. We look forward to our teacher appreciation banquet tomorrow, providing a teacher training, and presenting the school supplies. We will be sad to say goodbye to the students.

P.S.- While sharpening pencils, Leigh Ann decided to write a poem about our day. We hope you enjoy it!

“Ode to Buloba”

Doing dances and singing songs,
The children help us to sing along.

The children love when we blow bubbles,
It helps them stay out of trouble.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic.
The students walk across the stick.
“Cross the river” was the name of the game,
The winner made the hall of fame.

The children here are so smart,
Their love for Jesus is off the charts.

Went to class on public health,
Then to town to spend our wealth.

Our driver was Jamie, the Aussie
The road trip there was rather tossy.

Bought 3 liters of bottled soda,
So sad mom wouldn’t let us ride the bota bota.

Today is the first day we didn’t play phase 10,
But I’m sure tomorrow we will resume again.

Bought many pencils for the classes,
Hopefully they’ll stand up to the masses.

Sharpening pencils was won by Mac,
He made the pencils sharp as a tack.

While writing this poem I broke some lead,
I thought Kelly would shoot me dead.

For dinner we are having guacamole,
Praise the Lord, for he is holy.

The sky is blue, and the grass is green,
The people here are not mean.
They greet us as we walk the streets,
Our every need they do meet.

So excited for our day tomorrow,
Parting from here will bring such sorrow.

The children here respect the cross,
They know Jesus is the boss.

The Lord is sovereign,
Touch down Auburn!

Leigh Ann Casey (and company)