Today we woke up to a nice breakfast of the usual toast and eggs. After our meal we headed over to the school to begin our day of interacting with the children. I began my day in the classroom grading papers and observing “teacher” teach the kids about English literature. Soon after we headed outside for recess. During this time the teachers gave us a gift of soda and cookies.

After recess we went back into the classroom, and I taught math to the third grade class. Teaching is not my forte, but I tried my best and we had fun! Even though their classrooms aren’t to our standard (dirt floor, open windows, tin roof, no electricity, and limited supplies), they still learn a great deal and are very bright students. They seem to really enjoy school, and they have much joy in their hearts.

After that we went back down the dirt road and returned to the University where we had lunch of rice and beans and fresh squeezed juice. We had an hour break and then attended a college class upstairs taught by Joseline T. Atuhwera called “Families Not Institutions.” In the class we heard Josephine’s personal story about being raised in 15 different homes. She is now married and expecting her first child in 6 weeks. Josephine stressed how Uganda was trying to continue to educate the people and empower the families to take care of their children rather than being put in institutions. Uganda, as a country, has made great progress in creating a more organized foster care system so they can take better care of their children. ARU (African Renewal University), African Renewal Ministries and 24 other organizations have joined together to form the SAFe Campaign (Strengthen African Families). She encouraged doing research into the organizations that we support and keep them accountable.

We are continuing our awesome card game amongst the college students as they practice worship for chapel tomorrow. We are amazed at their spirit and energy in worship and look forward to worshipping with them again, like we did last night.

Mac Casey