photo (2)Today we woke up to another beautiful day in Uganda! We had a breakfast of toast, bananas, jam and coffee. Devotion was lead by Brandy, and then we headed down the dirt road carrying our big bag of school supplies, which Mac was gracious enough to carry the entire way.

We arrived at Buloba Elementary and divided up with one of us in each classroom. We taught ages 3 through 13 broken up into 7 different classrooms. As a group we taught bible lessons, fractions, the alphabet, communications, positive integers, heat energy exchange, phonics and addition to name a few. In most of the classrooms, we were able to teach about how we should love our friends and make salvation bracelets. Some of us needed some brushing up on our grade school skills! But in the end, we survived the first day of teaching.

After a lunch of beans and rice we attended an ARU Child Development college class taught by Professor Samson Kaboka on “The Church and Children”. We had a steady downpour of rain during the class which cooled things off a bit. From there we gathered for our Phase 10 competition card game and played worship music on our computer. We were joined by Julius, a 2nd year student, who has enjoyed playing cards with us. We have greatly enjoyed spending time with him. He is one of the young men who went with us yesterday to evangelize in the community and is an awesome example of a young man with a passion for Jesus. He loves to sing with us and has coordinated a worship service tonight so we can teach the students one of our songs we brought with us. We are looking forward to another exciting evening here in Uganda!

Scott Casey