image (1)Today we woke up early – partially because of the incredible rain storm that beat down on our tin roof dormitory at 5am and partially because of an early breakfast at 7am before church. After an energizing breakfast we walked down to the Buloba Community Church where we immediately started the service beginning with worship and praise and then a sermon delivered to us by a guest pastor. The congregation greeted us with bright smiles and warm welcomes, and we immediately felt at home. The worship was awesome, lead by Auntie Maria and the children’s choir. We sang and danced with joyful hearts as we sang songs about Jesus reigning over everything in our lives and putting him at the highest place in our hearts, above anything and everything else. I could really feel the holy spirit moving through the church and loved every part of it.

After worship the pastor spoke to us about the church of Philippi and Paul and Silas’s trip to prison and the earthquake and saving of the prison guard. With a powerful message, reminding us that we must never lose our joy in the Lord and that no matter what suffering we endure on the earth, we always have Jesus, who we can never be separated from. image (2)

After church we walked back to the University where we enjoyed some down time and prepared ourselves for tomorrows school lessons. We then helped prepare and eat a delicious lunch and got a chance to bond with some of the University Students while we played “phase 10” together (a card game Kelly brought that, we must admit, brings out the competitive side in all of us) and has become one of my favorite games.

imageAt 4:00, we were told we would meet at the gates and split up into teams to go out and evangelize around the city of Buloba. This was far from my comfort zone and made me personally want to just run back to the dorms and hide under my bed but, after group prayers and some reassurance, we were off and ready to go. My team included Richard, a fifth year student at the University, Leigh Ann and myself. We set off down the street from the University and immediately went into homes and started sharing the gospel. It was an incredible experience! We spoke to four different families, all of whom were extremely welcoming and inviting. Three people were saved and joined us in prayer as they accepted Jesus for the first time. No words can describe how amazing our experience was.

After a full day we are all filled with happy hearts and such joy, praising Him for His love, and His spirit working in us. It is so evident that God is moving in the people of Buloba, but he is also working greatly in our hearts as well. I cannot wait to see what new lessons tomorrow brings.

Libbi Casey