This morning we awoke to a beautiful sunny day! We had breakfast and the best fresh squeezed juice I have ever had. It was mango, pineapple, papaya and banana…so incredibly delicious! Amy led our devotion followed by a prayer from Kelly and from there we headed on foot about a mile down a dirt road to the Buloba Primary School for center day.

IMG_2461We were greeted by about 60 children from ages 3 through 13 who were seated in the church and worshipping the Lord through singing and dancing. From there we broke into classes and taught the children a lesson prepared by the Buloba teachers. The lesson was from Luke and the story of Zacchaeus.

IMG_2447By the end of the lesson, over 300 children had gathered on the playground and just had fun! The children loved holding hands and having Scott and Mac lift them over their heads (over and over again!). The children enjoyed gathering around and jumping rope and singing with Leigh Ann and Libbi, throwing the balls and frisbees, and making bracelets with Brandy.IMG_2441

Some of us were able to meet our sponsored children and give them gifts and also bring gifts sent by others. I met both of our children Atimah, a 9-year-old little girl and Nicholas, a 10-year-old little boy.

The very first child that introduced herself to me was a young lady named Bridgette. She said her sponsor’s name was “Betty”. At the moment I knew that she was my very own Mother’s sponsored child. She was so excited to know that her sponsor was my Mother and clung to my hand for the rest of the day. Her little hand was so sweaty from holding mine but she never let go. The Lord is so very present here, and that memory is a very precious gift from Him that I will always have in my heart. Only He could orchestrate such an event!IMG_2462

These are such sweet and well-mannered children. So many of them asked us if we knew their sponsor and they would say their sponsor’s first name. And of course, many of them remember Pastor Brian and Josh (sorry Pastor Rusty, they never mentioned You ☺)!

I am looking forward to going back tomorrow…

Beth Casey