JULY6_WebLargeIt’s always fun when Cornerstone gathers for a meal! And, it was especially nice this past Sunday to gather together, with the Bred Pub attenders, in one location to celebrate Independence Day and our Father’s love for us. My life is continually being blessed by the friendships formed at these gatherings. I love meeting my fellow Cornerstone worshippers, learning their stories, watching their children grow, sharing in their triumphs and providing and feeling comfort in times of pain. Cornerstone is a wonderful family, and I feel privileged to be part of it. I see God’s hand at work in the mission and vision of Cornerstone and want to be a part of that work. Watching everyone gathered this past Sunday in a day of celebration and fun reminded me of the rich blessings God has given us, and it has given me an even stronger desire to share those blessings with family, friends and co-workers. Isn’t it amazing what super-tasty hot dogs can do?! I love my church, and I love my church family. I can’t wait until our next gathering!

Wes McCollum

– To see photos from the lunch, go to July 6 lunch.