Today was unexpected yet again, but turned out to be for the best. Our morning began with our normal routine, waking up to Pat’s whistles for toast, eggs, and bananas. For the past few days our down time has primarily been in the afternoon, but today it was in the morning. We spent this time preparing for what was to come in the afternoon and relaxing while Rusty trained church leaders next door at Ggaba Church. We played a few rounds of cards then moved on to us doing our own thing separately.

Once we had all gathered back together, we were informed that the only plans we had for today, going to high schools to have fellowship, had been cancelled. At first we kind of just went with it, knowing plans often change around here. We passed the information on to Pat, who then went next door to Ggaba church and worked out new plans for us to join a team who is also here from Portland, OR.

IMG_1064After lunch we made our way over and joined in on leading Chapel at Maranatha High School. We enjoyed watching the group from Oregon perform a dance routine along side a dance group named Allele. Two members boldly shared their stories, one from the Oregon team and Sammy Dawson from our team. Taylor Holt, Lauren Carter, and Sammy also sang “God’s Not Dead” by David Crowder for everyone.

When that was over, all 31 of us from Oregon and Alabama piled into a bus and went out to another school in the direction of Buloba. We pulled up to a field at the school, covered by people who were excited and welcomed us. We went through the same thing we did in Gaba, except this time Lauren and a different member from the Oregon team shared their faith stories. Afterwards, we all piled back into the bus.IMG_1072

Along the way we made a stop where the members from Oregon got off the bus and local musicians who have been traveling with the Oregon team boarded the bus. Laci and I got to sit next to an upcoming artist named Lil Jo Swabo (Timothy) which changed our evening for the best. We got to build a relationship with a talented young man over the course of a couple hours. We began with simple small talk, then moved into singing our favorite worship songs together and sharing about our lives.
Aside from the fact we were squished close together and hot, the long, cramped bus ride inspired me to want to be bold and share my story of who I am and how I’ve come to know the Lord without holding anything back due to fear or shame.

2 Corinthians 3:12
“Since we have such hope, we are very bold.”

– Jaydell Schaeffer

Picture 1 – Pastor Rusty leads an eager collection of nearly 50 pastors at the Ggaba Community Church Leader Training Seminar.
Picture 2 – Lauren Carter shared her faith story with nearly 400 children at a school today.