ugandateamPhew, we are all finally home, showered and hopefully in bed at 12:30 AM. As I type this final update (although it feels like it is 8:30 AM and we should be eating breakfast), I am excited about the work that God is doing in Uganda and among our team members from the Senior Class of 2014 and it’s leaders. Sunday was filled with worship at the Seroma High School “Yo’ Time” Festival where Lauren Carter shared her testimony and Rusty Hutson brought a powerful message for this high school of 1,000 students. After an altar call, our team had the honor to pray for the individuals who committed/recommitted their lives to Jesus. What an absolutely powerful way to wrap up our week before the long flights home. God is good, all the time.

After enjoying hugs from family, I know we are all exhausted and elated at the same time. Looking back over the last 2 weeks, I cannot imagine how any of our 10 team members can be the same person we were before departing on June 18.

God richly blessed our team in so many ways. Here are just a few thoughts of what God has done in the life of this team (this is by no means an exhaustive list):

1. “I Know Who I Am” – this is the title of a local favorite worship song among the children and youth in Uganda. Below are the lyrics, and you will see just how empowering this song is. I truly believe that after this experience each team member can honestly say “I know who I am” in Jesus Christ!!!

We are a chosen generation
Called forth to show His excellence
All I require for life; God has given me
And I know who I am

I know who God says I am; What He says I am
Where He says am at; I know who I am

I’m working in power, I’m working miracles
I live a life of favor, Cause I know who I am

Ohh oh oh, oh oh oh
I know who I am

I am holy, I am righteous oh…
I am so rich, I am beautiful

I’m working in power, I’m working miracles
I live a life of favor, Cause I know who I am

Take a look at me, I’m a wonder
It doesn’t matter what you see now
Can you see His glory, ‘Cause I know who I am

Ohh oh oh, oh oh oh
I know who I am

2. Our schedule for the day is (fill in the blank), but really (fill in the blank) is what we experienced – Each day we thought we knew the plan for the day and where we expected to see God at work. In reality, we did little of what we planned and saw God at work in so many more ways than we could imagine. I’m thankful for a plan, but more grateful for what God has in store each day – flexibility is the key word of every day as it is in the unexpected and the interruptions where God is truly speaking to each of us.

3. When you share your faith story, the Holy Spirit will give it power and speak into the lives of those who hear – Each of our team members at some point of the trip shared his/her story (Rusty had even more unexpected preaching moments) with a large group gathering ranging from 3-1000 fellow teenagers. You would have been so proud of this team as they lead evening devotions with a small group in homes at Bethany Village, gave personal testimony to groups of high school students (ranging in size from 250-1,000 students), and prayed with individual Ugandan students who committed/recommitted their life to Jesus Christ. It was an honor to share in God’s message of faith, hope and love.

There are so many more thoughts that each team member would love to share with you. Just ask Lauren Carter, Sammy Dawson, Tim Enkeboll, Laci Fralish, RJ Harris, Luke Hayworth, Taylor Holt, Rusty Hutson, Jaydell Schaeffer, or me, and we will be joyful to have that opportunity.

Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement in this journey!!!

– Pat Bethea

Picture – Final team photo with some of our favorite friends (worship band and musical artists Akili and Li’l Joe)