laciToday was absolutely filled as the love of God was professed all day at the Jesus Festival at KK Beach in Ggaba. We had the opportunity to serve in several capacities at the festival from ticket “bouncers” to chair washers to lunch servers to dancing on stage to praying with students as they wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus. It was such a blessing to watch as our team of students just jumped right in to serve other students.

It has been wonderful to learn so much boldness from the people of Ugandan in regard to their faith. I love how simple and to the point the festival was today. It was simply called Jesus Festival, because He is the sole reason for the event. God’s love for all was the focal point of every moment and every conversation. I love how bold every person we meet is when sharing their faith. We loved the opportunity to serve today at the Jesus Festival along side all of the amazing members of Ggaba Community Church and the artists that performed.

God has definitely been teaching me about being more bold in my faith as we have been so blessed to meet amazing people so passionate about the Lord and his power. Over the past fews days, I have had the opportunity to build a relationship with the sweet ladies that cook for us each day. On Sunday, they invited me to help them cook, and we spent the afternoon getting to know each other. I have enjoyed spending time with them each day. Towards the end of the day today, I started getting a migraine. The ladies insisted I come in the kitchen so they could pray a healing prayer over me. It was an incredible experience to have Betty, Maggie, Lillian, Florence, Auntie Kristin, and Farida to pray over me. I am so overwhelmed by the love of God as he works through each of the people we have met in this amazing country.

-Laci Fralish

Pictured with Laci Fralish is Betty. Betty has been our direct guide, confidant, friend, and most importantly, our team Mama.