IMG_1054Today was our 8th day in Uganda and probably my personal favorite so far. We started the day with a simple breakfast of toast, hard boiled eggs, peanut butter and bananas. Everyone awoke in good spirit, sporting new mysterious bug bites and some very strange malaria medicine induced dreams. We were all well-rested and excited for what God had to show us today. Our plan was to visit and work at the Loving Hearts Children’s Home, then begin a adventure in downtown Kampala, where we would be visiting the market for souvenirs. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about the Children’s Home, my mind on the bus ride consisting of babies crying, and Pat and Rusty giving me the “wow” look. Little did I know what God had to teach us all at Loving Hearts. We arrived at the modest home, and my tensions where high, but they were soon alleviated by the smiling children and all that their simple love was communicating. When I got the chance to hold one of the babies, a little boy named Grace, all my anxiety melted away. All that I could feel in that moment was happiness and thankfulness that this child is in a good place being taken care of by really good people, and what God was doing in this place. I think that he could tell, and he soon was laughing and having a grand old time sipping out of a bottle. I was thinking about this moment later and realized a few things about myself, the children, and the people taking care of them.

  • God’s spirit was present in every single team member, children and staff members heart this morning.
  • He was accomplishing real things in every single person there too.

He gave the kids a home, somewhere they can grow up in a safe clean and loving environment. He gave the staff a job and purpose that is noble, and impacting, and a sense of fulfillment in their work. And He gave the team a lesson in faith, hope, and love I won’t even try to elaborate on. After a couple of hours of cleaning, we left the Children’s Home and began an eventful and exciting afternoon with the team guided by the all-knowing Patrick and Betty duo. We ended up eating Ugandan pizza, which is pretty much better than most American pizza, for lunch. That was followed by a trip to the market, where we purchased various items. The next experience was a first for all of us, trying a tin full of roasted bugs, crickets to be honest. They were actually pretty good, and some of the guys and I decided to try and recreate the recipe with store bought crickets back home. Then, we stopped at a coffee shop for an afternoon refresher. That brings us to now, where I am writing this downstairs at the house, and listening to the vast array of sounds that come with the sunset across the city scape of Ggaba. I cant wait to see what adventures God has in store for us at the grand finale of our trip, the Jesus Festival (Saturday) and the Seroma Festival (Sunday).

– Luke Hayworth

Picture – While at Loving Heart Babies Home we met two of the musical artists that will perform at the Jesus Festival. In the red hat is Akili Nkwagala,¬†and in the plaid shirt is Timothy, aka. Jo’el – we heard him sing “Jump” at a Youth Encounter Service at Ggaba Community Church earlier in the week.