IMG_2672Uganda, where hope and passion for the Lord thrives. Seven days into our trip here to the heart of Africa and I’m pretty sure my heart has changed for the better. Everywhere I go and the people I interact with just fills my heart with an everlasting joy for our Savior. Today, we took a nice little trip into Buloba to go to African Renewal University. As an upcoming freshman to Auburn University, it was cool to see what other universities look like and operate around the world. It was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, but looks can be deceiving. Like the rest of the country, there’s an atmosphere that surrounds the university that can be only described as hopeful and strong. One of the main things that stood out to me at ARU (Africa Renewal University) was their emphasis on farming. ARU offers a few degrees and programs dealing with theology, social work, and other similar topics, so you almost get a dual degree by attending. Large, expansive fields of corn, bananas, plantains, beans, and more fill the land not only there but in the rest of the country. I never knew I had an inner farmer until I came here. Looks like I should get plugged into the community gardens. Maybe Camp Hand can give me a few pointers.

The picture shows the university with it’s red roofs on top of a hill overlooking fields of crops and grasses in every direction. The grassy knoll that presides next to it belongs to the foreign prime minister of Uganda. It just shows how peaceful the school seems in the midst of this tropical wonderland. Every day in this country, God teaches me a new thing. Today he taught me that size doesn’t always mean strength, and that I really need to value the education that I’ve been given. God is alive and well here in Uganda, and through Him showing himself through the beautiful, hilly, passionate country, He has helped renew my faith in Him and has given me a desire to do more with the talents He has bestowed upon me.

– Tim Enkeboll