2014-06-24 10.56.03

Today was the second day of our visit to Bethany Village. Pat and I had the opportunity to lead some of the Bethany staff in their devotion time.The wonderful people who lead all aspects of the village are deeply committed to the Lord and to the children they care for. However, it is a daunting task at best! They have given their lives to care for the children, but do so with limited resources and personnel. This can lead to weariness and discouragement. So, it was a good opportunity to speak words of love and hope over them. As a result of the good discussion in our devotion time, Moses (Director of Bethany Village), asked us to come back later in the morning and meet with the whole staff and house mothers. We had a great conversation about issues related to leadership, burnout and teamwork. It was a very productive meeting and encouraging to everyone. We ended our time by circling up and praying together for God’s provision, guidance and strength.

Also, this morning we went as a group over to a nearby fishing village to meet some of the people and learn how their community functions. It’s always beautiful to see the bright, hopeful smiles of the people in these small villages. It’s also quite the contrast to the difficult living conditions and struggles associated with the lifestyle.

Then, after some time of individual prayer and reflection down by the water, we loaded up on the bota bota’s (or motorcycle taxi’s) and headed toward the dock and a boat ride back across the lake to Ggaba. It was a great day!

Thank you for your prayers! We feel them very much as we minister to the people of Uganda and as they minister to us.


Picture is of our girls with children from the rocks of the fishing village.