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Today, we took a boat ride to Bethany Village. For those who don’t know, Bethany Village is the ideal ARM project. It is self-sustaining with a school, medical center, farm, and houses for the orphans. There are currently 10 houses with 11 children and a mother in each. The boat ride there was incredibly scenic. We are all taken aback by the beauty of this country. The guys got to play soccer with (and get run all over by) the boys at the school. The girls played net-ball with the girls at the school. Net-ball is like a cross between ultimate frisbee, handball, and basketball. Then we played volley ball with some of the adults. It was a lot of fun. Later in the evening, we each went to a different house and worshipped with the family and led a devotion (mine was on The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant).
There are a lot of great things going on here. I saw God in the women who act as mothers and care for and love a house of 11 children. It’s really eye opening to see how similar the people here are to us. I’ve realized that we are all the same really.
– R J Harris
The picture attached is Jaydell playing with the children at Bethany Village.