After two long flights, what seemed to be three nights and about 6 airplane meals of some kind of curry chicken we finally landed in Uganda, Africa. One very cool thing about our second flight was the amount of fellow missionaries also heading out into Africa to spread God’s love. Patrick and Eddie met us outside the airport and we headed to Kampala! The entire ride I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, deeply breathing in as much of the new smells, not all pleasant, that I could. It was surreal to finally be in country after months of waiting and anticipating. We made it with zero issues which is absolutely the work of God right there.

We woke up this morning and got to tour Maranatha High School and Primary School. It’s funny, the graffiti here is nothing like what we have in America, things like “I am saved in the name of Christ Jesus” are on the walls! We were able to meet the teachers of these children. It is so obvious that these kids love school and that they happy to be there and learning not only regular subjects but also about our Heavenly Father. We were so blessed to meet the Head Teacher of the school, or principal, and she invited us to lead chapel.

Chapel began at four o’clock and the children got up and led two songs, very courageously might I add, and then invited us up to sing the song we had prepared. We began to sing and immediately they all started snickering and laughing at us! Here I am trying to lead a song and I couldn’t help but go beet red. We still have no clue why exactly they laughed but hey, it was a new experience. Tim Enkeboll from our team shared his testimony and Pat Bethea shared a message with the students.

Through all the chaos and commotion though God’s light shown through and truly touched my heart. One of the children started to lead the prayer and then told the others to join in and show God their love for him. They all began to pray aloud and I could hear the undoubted love they have to our Creator and I was so moved by their faith it brought me to tears. There is nothing more beautiful than a child’s pure love for the Lord.

Tomorrow we get to spend the whole day with Buloba community and all the sponsor kids and it is going to be amazing! God is truly working in the lives of so many people here, and I am so thankful that He is allowing Cornerstone to be apart of it.

– Lauren Carter

Sammy Dawson (pictured)