Today our team traveled to Buloba. When we arrived, it was nothing like the team expected. We mostly expected for the children to run up, pull on our arms, and shout with joy that we have arrived; however, we were surprised to find a crowd of about 10 children sitting quietly in the pews. At first, it was a little awkward, but luckily, things are never awkward for the Ugandans. It only took a little while for their precious laughs and smiles to finally break out.

Five of our team members were able to visit with their sponsor children. In my personal experience, I was very blessed to meet my family’s sponsor child, Asuman. There was a little misunderstanding with his name, so I had been having a conversation with him for about ten minutes before I finally realized who he was. Of course I expected him to have an affect on me, but I was not prepared for the impact he made on my heart. It’s crazy how one little eight year old boy can change your life and make you re-evaluate the ways that you think.

Seeing the joy that these children have for life, and for God, is astounding. They are so affectionate and loving in everything they do, you cannot help but to fall right back in love with them. They are in no way ashamed of their faith, and they make that known from the second you meet them.

I have already learned so much from the Ugandan people just in the two days that we have been here. These people are so free spirited and loving, and there is such a discrepancy between their attitudes and the attitudes we sometimes have living in America. They are “going no where fast”, and they take time to sit down and have a conversation with one another. They show the light of God with their sincere hospitality towards each other. As a team, I believe that we would like to apply this to our own lives and take the time to be in the moment with the people we care most about. After all, not much in this world is as important as the relationships we build.

– Sammy Dawson

The picture attached is Pat Bethea with his family’s sponsor child, Viola.