seniorhigh2014Today we went to church at Ggaba Community Church right next door to the house we are staying in. We didn’t know what to expect from the service or if it was even going to be in English. Before we walked in, we met a few fellow Mzungus (white people) who arrived in Uganda right before we did. However, they would be staying at least a year in Uganda in ministry. One of them, Courtney Wolf, was a Cornerstone Church attender during her time at Auburn University.

The church service turned out to be the Children’s Service in English so we enjoyed different groups of children singing and dancing and praising the Lord wholeheartedly. To our surprise, a young girl who was around the age of 10 gave the sermon today! It was on Naaman and his unnamed slave girl who sought out the prophet Elisha to save her master’s life. Naaman was a powerful military leader and he could only be healed of his disease by God. His own personal riches and power were useless to him. She encouraged us that God is in full control of our lives; not us.

After church we walked through the fishing markets near the house to experience the culture of our neighborhood. Then we truly observed the Sabbath and rested, preparing for this next week of working for the Kingdom of God out in the community. We learned today that it doesn’t matter to God what age you are because he will use anyone and everyone to send his message, even a girl younger than most of the crowd she was speaking to.

– Taylor Holt

The picture attached is from Church this morning at Ggaba Community Church and celebrates the Children leading worship.