Cornerstone Church has a new website, and we are pretty excited. The purpose of the new website hasn’t changed from the old. We still hope it will help visitors who have never been to Cornerstone decide if we might be a fit for them. We also know our website is a great source of information about the life of the church for our members and regular attenders.

What has changed the most is the design of the website. We have chosen a grid format similar to the popular site Pinterest. The grid format allows us to display more content on the front page allowing the user to see the most current information all together in one place. The front page is called an “infinite scroll,” and it takes the most current posts and places them at the top.

The different ministries and areas of the church are organized using “tags”. Using tags, each page is focused on one specific topic, such as youth, children or serving.

One of the more exciting features is the ability to share the life of Cornerstone Church right from the website using social media. Each post can be shared by the reader using their own Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr or other social media accounts. It makes it very easy to share pictures, videos, stories and more with your friends and family.

Our “Buzz” pages are something new to this website. Cornerstone Church is a multi-site church currently with three different sites. Through stories, video and pictures, each Buzz page shows the life of each of the specific sites of Cornerstone Church. Like every other page on our new website, these stories, pictures and videos can be shared with others through social media.

We hope you like our new website. If you have any questions or thoughts we want to hear them. The best way to let us know what you like, what you don’t like or any other comments is to fill out the form below. Thanks for checking out