Josh Agerton – Site Pastor at Lee-Scott Site

  • Birthplace: Dallas, TX and grew up in Auburn, AL
  • Education: 1998 Auburn University with BS in Business Marketing and in 2008 Asbury Theological Seminary with Masters of Divinity
  • Family Life: Married to Leslie and have three kids- Benjamin (a lacrosse player) and the stylish and spunky twins, Liza and Grace
  • First job: Transporter at East Alabama Medical Center for 2 years. After 6 years in the business world, I found Christ, leading to a new kind of vocation…full-time ministry in 2004.
  • How did you first come and why did you stay? Back in 2002 Leslie and I heard about about this new church starting in Auburn that met in the Skate Center.  After visiting a few times we knew pretty quickly that this was the church God was leading us to be a part of.  There was such a genuine spirit and heart for truly following Jesus – not just doing the Sunday morning church thing.
  • When did you join the Cornerstone staff team? In 2008, I joined Cornerstone staff as Pastor of Connections.
  • When did you become Site Pastor at Lee-Scott? In 2011, I lead the multi-site movement with a group of 150+ pioneers to reach more people, leading the Lee-Scott Site in being a family on mission with God.  Really helping people see the church not as something we go to on Sundays but something that we are everyday.
  • Favorite movie: Any one of the “Bourne” movies…Bourne Identity, Bourne Legacy, Bourne Ultimatum.  Because if I wasn’t a pastor, I think I could have been a CIA Agent…and possibly even in the “Treadstone” program.
  • Favorite Food: I like just about anything – but my favorite…Pizza.
  • How many speeding tickets have you ever had?  I don’t really know the total, but there was a time about 15 years ago when I got three speeding tickets in one month.  Not good.  
  • Do you have a theme song for your life? Or a power-anthem? Anything Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon or Journey.
  • One of your proudest moments: Any moment I see my three kids loving people well…especially each other…is a proud moment.
  • Is there one thing you want people to know about you? That although I’m a Pastor, I am a regular person – just like them