The team finished Philippians this morning before breakfast.

Once we waited for the rain, again, we finished what was left of breakfast and began making our way to the school. We started our day at the school by singing a new song Godfrey prepared for the children yesterday and learned some dance moves to go along with the lyrics. There is one little boy in particular at the school who dances with so much enthusiasm for each and every song, and it is precious. His name is Frank. Once the children finished worship, they moved quickly to their classroom. Today we learned about loving your neighbor, being Christ-like leaders, and emotions. The children in my class did well explaining what a Christ-like leader looks like (as in qualities of a Christ-like leader), but they had a tough time giving examples to match the qualities. After the first class, we helped serve breakfast which consisted of porage(sp) and a roll of bread. The children are always so polite and grateful when we help with serving them their meals. Breakfast usually lasts about 30 minutes, then the children hurry back to their classrooms for one last lesson on the topics discussed at the beginning, but it is very obvious when their attention span begins to drift away.

After the children are done with their lessons for the day, they go to lunch out in the courtyard area. Today the team helped serve some corn dish that jiggled very similar to Jell-o. There was also rice and boiled potatoes, and some beans and broth. After lunch the children usually go play games, like at recess, but due to all of the rain the area had recently gotten the children just sang more. Around 4pm the team headed back to ARU. Christina and I helped the chef of the university, her name is Peace, to cook dinner. We made these things that are similar to very thin tortilla shells and put peas and onions inside of them. We also had some coleslaw and fresh veggies as well as homemade French fries. After some good conversation and cleaning up in the dark, because our power went out in the bathrooms again, we all went to bed early to get a lot of sleep for the next day ahead of us.

Tori Rabren

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