Many of the students at the university like to play soccer in the afternoon.

When we saw them playing, we decided to join them. On the first day, Nate and Tori played with the guys. They had a a lot of fun playing and chatting with the guys. It was very cool to see just how good the college students were at soccer.

After the first day, Nate and I continued to play soccer with them. Though we weren’t as good as them, they are always encouraging and wanting us to play with them. Many of them have become our friends. One of them, Jerry, has become a close friend of mine, and we have hung out outside of playing soccer. Another person we have met is Dixon; he is probably one of the best players out there that I have ever seen. Even when the field is wet (which is everyday), he plays very well.

We all have a great time playing soccer and getting to know one another. We are all just brothers in Christ having a great time.

Michael Stanaland

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