So in case you were wondering, Uganda has two seasons – rainy and dry. Today for the first 2 hours of our day, we experienced what it’s like to be in the rainy season.

Our plans for the day were put on hold until the rain stopped. That’s right, all things stop while it’s raining… I knew I wasn’t crazy for thinking classes should be cancelled for rain. Uganda is my kind of place.

Once the rain let up, we made the 15 minute walk down the road to Buloba Community Church. This was our first day being at the church, but for me it was my second time to be back. It was so much fun being welcomed back by Pastor Eva and Esther, and it was also great to have the rest of the team meet them. We are here this week to help with their Center Days, which so far consisted of us worshipping with them, helping serve their meals, and teaching in their classrooms. Center days are almost equivalent to Camp Cornerstone or a VBS. The day ended at the school with about an hour of time to play and let these kids be kids. It was so great reconnecting with the children I met last time – Doreen, Prossy, Trevor, James, Andrew… just to name a few. Sweet hugs were exchanged, pictures were taken, and man did we play! I looked around and saw the other people on our team playing frisbee, volleyball, holding hands, and letting the kids look at their weird white hands and realizing we really aren’t that different. What is really unique about this trip and our mission is that we are really getting to live the way they do and embrace this country. Upon leaving the church for the day, as soon as the kids started walking, so did we. It was a neat moment for me realizing that the next two weeks I get to walk beside them, literally, and love on these people like Jesus would.

This same idea goes for where we are living this week. I am currently sitting in my ENO (hammock) right outside our dorm. Students (university) here are about to finish their final exams, so campus right now is alive with students walking around. And right now I’m getting some weird looks as I’m hammocking, but it’s also been a great conversation starter. I have let several people get in and give it a try. Several people are studying, playing soccer, games, really anything you see on Auburn’s campus. It is so cool that we get to be a part of their campus life this week and also be so close to the school and get to love on the children there as well.

Pray for our team and that the rest of this week we aren’t having to deal with Uganda’s rainy season in the mornings, so that we can make it to the school on time. Also pray for rest – some of the people on the team are still recovering from jet lag. Hopefully after tonight’s rest everyone will feel great tomorrow.

Kelsey Thomasson

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