Scott Fillmer – Business Administrator

  • Birthplace: Lompoc, CA and grew up in Dallas, TX
  • Education: UAB with a degree in Accounting and Liberty University with a degree in theology – but I’m always studying theology, poetry, writing and photography.
  • Family Life: I’m married to Deb (a super talented creative seamstress and crafter), and we have a chihuahua Ebby and a cat named Emerson.
  • Favorite subject in High school: Baseball
  • First job: Collecting golf balls out of the lakes on a golf course in Florida until I cut too deeply into the profit margin of the pro shop.
  • How did you first come to Cornerstone? New resident to Auburn who spent 2 years looking for a church and finally stumbled into Cornerstone. Because the worship leader wasn’t wearing shoes (and eventually took me to lunch).
  • When did you join the Cornerstone staff team? In 2008, but my job role changed to Business Administrator a few years later. My role now is to build teams, to equip the saints and to serve the body.
  • Favorite Book: How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren. Because it inspired me to read all other kinds of books.
  • Favorite Movie: “The Natural” is a classic struggle between good and evil when neither are completely clear.
  • Interesting facts: I volunteer as support rep, I’ve been practicing photography for 20+ years and received an FAA Pilot & FCC Ham Radio License.
  • Favorite Food: Anything. Really. (except bananas- allergic to those)
  • What has God been teaching you lately?  To find margin, stay locked into his word, and not to give in to the worries of this world.
  • What inspires you: A changed life for Christ, and a person who truly listens. Listening is hard in this noisy world.