Nate Robinson – Building and Grounds Specialist

  • Birthplace: Montgomery, AL and grew up in Grant, AL
  • Favorite subject in High School: Gym
  • First job: Doing farm work in high school
  • How did you come to Cornerstone?  I saw a commercial for church held in a skate center. I guess I stayed because I was burned out on traditional church. I’ve been at Cornerstone since the “skate center days.”
  • Describe your role:
  • Favorite Book: Bad Christian. It’s just a different and honest way of looking at how you and others live out their faith.
  • Favorite Movie: “Die Hard”. One cop, several bad guys, and a building getting blown up. Where can you go wrong?
  • One of your proudest moments: Being where I am now, working for the church, having the close friends that I have and owning a house. I guess it’s the proudest because of the mess I was in years ago, and i only saw it getting worse at the time; proving to myself I can perform music in front of people in spite of dealing with certain handicaps.
  • What inspires you? Friends, the church, music
  • What has been your biggest challenge: Having about a dozen major head surgeries throughout my childhood and trying to live a fairly normal life as an adult in spite of the memory loss I have to deal with as a result of the surgeries
  • Favorite Food: Hot wings
  • What is something God has been teaching you lately? To trust others and be in company with other believers
  • What do you enjoy? I love tattoos, NBA basketball, rap and hard rock music.
  • Dream travel place: Los Angeles. Lakers!