Jack Fisher – Director of Operations

  • Birthplace: I was born in Charlotte, NC but I grew up in South Florida.
  • Education: I crammed four years into six and graduated in 1984 from Auburn University with a degree in Communication and Public Relations.
  • Family Life: Married to Amy and between us, we have five great kids – Katy, Mike, Malone, Simms and Townsend.
  • When did you first come to Cornerstone and why did you stay? I first came to Cornerstone in June of 2000 and experienced God like never before. I grew up going to Sunday school and church for two hours on Sunday morning and then doing it all over again the next week. I didn’t get that worship, relationships with others and my personal relationship with Jesus could be so fulfilling until I came to Cornerstone.
  • Before joining staff at Cornerstone: I worked my way through college in the restaurant business and eventually started Niffer’s restaurant in 1991 with two friends. After almost 20 years in the food industry I left in 1998 to become Executive Director of the Lee County Humane Society.
  • When did you join the staff at Cornerstone?  I joined the Cornerstone staff in December of 2006.
  • So what exactly do you do at Cornerstone? Good question. It has changed over the years but currently I work with the children, youth and college ministry leaders as well as the leaders of our communication, finance and building and grounds teams.
  • Favorite Movie: I have seen Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie probably two dozen times. It is clearly not a spiritual movie, but the humor is great. I also like Life as a House.
  • Favorite Food:  Pizza and mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • What is God teaching you lately?  That I don’t need to be in control and to trust Him.
  • What hobbies do you have? I do triathlons, especially the Ironman distance mostly so I can eat pizza and mint chocolate chip ice cream.