NorthrupAimeeAimee Northrup – Elementary Ministry Coordinator

  • Birthplace: Montgomery, AL
  • Education: 2005 Auburn University in Civil Engineering and 2010 AUM with Masters in Elementary Education
  • Family: Married to Wyatt -with 2 children: John Embry and Elizabeth
  • Favorite subject in High School: Art
  • First job:  My first real job out of college was a civil engineer working in the Transportation Engineering department
  • How did you come to Cornerstone? I first came to Cornerstone as a college student to check it out. I stayed because it was “real.” The worship style really helped me to connect closely with God, and the people were warm and welcoming but were also real people.
  • When did you join Cornerstone staff team? 2012
  • What is your role?  I coordinate the volunteers, lesson supplies, and schedules for our elementary ministry, Rock City. I also work with the children’s team to coordinate Camp Cornerstone and other special children’s church events. I’m excited to help children learn what God’s love means for them.
  • Favorite Food: Ice Cream, hands down!
  • Favorite Movie: “Cool Runnings”. It’s cheesy and goofy. But it’s kind of inspirational, and the guys are having such a good time in the movie. Plus, I love the accents! It’s been one of my favorites for years.
  • What inspires you? Right now my children really inspire me. They teach me so many things about myself and my faith and inspire me to be the best example of Christ to them and to others that I can be.
  • What is your greatest Challenge? I guess my biggest challenge has always been letting go of my “control freak” nature. It is constantly a challenge to want to be in control of every little detail even though I know that God has everything in his hands. Things are not always going to go the exact way I want them to, but that is ok.
  • What’s God teaching you lately?:  God is teaching me so much about patience lately as I continue to wait on his perfect timing for everything in our lives and as I am challenged to practice what seem like infinite amounts of patience some days with my precious children.