AboutBP2The last year or so of the gathering of Cornerstone at the Bred Pub has been one of continual shifting. That’s the beauty of something small and grassroots, though. You can change as needed and it can happen at a faster pace. You never really know the full experience of what you’ll get on Sunday morning. One week we’ve got the chairs lined up in traditional rows, (except they’re a good bit higher since they’re barstools) and the next week everyone’s sitting around one large gathering of tables. One week we’ll have a full band leading worship in song and the next week we won’t have any music.

What we have remained committed to, however, is that we want to create spaces of belonging every time we gather and we seek to tangibly bless the community. Whether it’s in a neighborhood on Thursday night or upstairs on Sunday morning, we want people that gather with us to know that they matter, that they are welcome and can belong, a deep need that we all have. Jesus created that same atmosphere with his followers; it was a come one come all journey with him. And many times, he went to places where there was a lack of community and created it, which is why we’re currently meeting at Arbor Springs on Sunday morning at 9:30 to do a brief service for the residents there before gathering at the Pub. We hope to give love away and build relationships with people who might not consistently feel that presence.

Jesus was always doing things that met the physical needs of those he encountered. While it may not always be apparent, we know that there are many people in our area that are facing food insecurities. So the Pub community has gathered to do two gardens in downtown Opelika. We won’t eradicate hunger, but we will strive to tangibly bless our community by giving the produce to the Community Market to help out in every way we can. Furthermore, it’s places like the garden where people connect to a larger movement and experience that deep joy that comes in serving other people.

While our Sunday gatherings will remain flexible, these principles will shape how we love God and love our neighbors.

Brian Johnson- Site Pastor, Bred Pub

Cornerstone Church at Bred Pub meets on Sundays, 9:30 am at Arbor Springs and 10:30 am at The Irish Bred Pub.


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